Florida ARECS – Welcome to OUR HOME!

By: Frederick W. Jones, Esquire
President, Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida, Inc. (“Florida ARECS”)
Past President of Central Florida Real Estate Attorneys’ Council (“CFREAC”)

Please let me be the first to welcome you to the brand new home of Florida ARECS and our website, www.flarecs.com. The creation of this site and Florida ARECS itself, over the last couple of years, has been a labor of love for and commitment to the real estate practice of Florida Attorneys. We began with a small group of attorneys from around the state who, as leaders of their local Real Estate Councils (“RECs”), had demonstrated their commitment to our goal. We were brought together and generously supported by The Fund, and, thus, our goal to build a bridge for real estate attorneys among themselves statewide as well as throughout the real estate industry across Florida has now become a reality.

In formulating the Florida ARECS model, mission and goals, we listened to our constituents….real estate attorneys and local RECs around the State of Florida. As a result, we believe we have met your goals and have a lot to offer. So, why should you listen to us?

Florida ARECS may be a new entity, but the people and forces behind it have been around forever – and I mean forever! The real estate attorneys serving on the Florida ARECS Board have seen it all. Our seven board members have a combined 199 years of real estate experience! Our strategic partner, The Fund, has been in the real estate business in Florida since 1948, operating as a title underwriter and as a title services provider. The Fund currently serves over 3,000 real estate attorneys in Florida, and, trust me, The Fund has seen it all. So, let Florida ARECS and The Fund give you the benefit of our combined experience.

We believe that attorneys are uniquely qualified to better protect the public in real estate transactions. When we as real estate attorneys, Real Estate Councils and real estate professionals work together, we can better represent and improve outcomes for all involved. We mean it when we say “all involved.” That means all parties in a transaction, real estate agents and lenders – as well as buyers and sellers. We created Florida ARECS and www.flarecs.com not to take the place of the local attorneys’ RECs but to harness the energy and maximize the local talent of the RECs in an effort to create a central bank, if you would, of their ideas and successes for the benefit of all RECs. We want to be a conduit to bring together professionals and ideas from across the real estate spectrum to provide education, information and resources to our members as well as consumers, to enhance the practices of real estate attorneys, and to make each real estate experience a successful, positive and rewarding one.

Buying and selling real estate is unique. It is not like buying a refrigerator where you can go on-line, read consumer reviews and click order! While some consumers and others may think it is easy, it’s not. It’s complicated. It involves various aspects of the law and layers of issues ranging from entering into a contract with its obligations, contingencies and potential liabilities, to financing, obtaining marketable title and closing. We know that but often times consumers may not, so we feel real estate attorneys must stay in the game. Our goal is that Florida ARECS will enable the local REC’s and real estate attorneys to remain a vital part of this process and to work together, as well as with other real estate professionals, to reach a common goal…successful real estate transactions and practices.

I invite you to browse our site. We support the local Real Estate Councils and nearly 1000 attorney members of these Councils across Florida, and our website will have links to the Councils’ websites and calendars as well as information and resources for the attorney members. We also have free resources for consumers to learn more about what’s involved in real estate transactions and tools and information for real estate agents who are on the frontlines working to serve them.

Together we all succeed.

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