Attention: Pinellas County Realtors®

TRID is Here. Now What? presented by Margaret Atkins Thumberg, Esq., Fund Senior Underwriting Counsel & Legal and Branch Education Manager.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule became effective October 3rd. New closed-end residential mortgage loans fall under the new rules and some closings affected by them have already occurred.

How have these changes impacted the settlement process for buyers and sellers? What can real estate licensees do to assist their clients in making their next home sale or purchase run smoothly in this new regulatory environment?

These questions and others will be explored together with the latest information from settlement agents and regulators at our upcoming seminar TRID is Here. Now What? presented by the Bay Area Real Estate Council (BAREC) in Clearwater on December 2nd. View the event for more information and to register.