New REC Support Model from The Fund

By: Rene’ Rutan, Manager, Events & Affiliate, REC & Realtor® Relations

First, a little history…Did you realize that the oldest Real Estate Council in the State is the Attorneys’ Real Estate Council of Dade County?  It was formed in 1988 by Miami-area Fund Members wanting to get to know each other better, and here we are more than thirty years later, and they are still thriving! 

While a couple more RECs were formed in the 90’s, most were created as part of The Fund’s Consumer Education Campaign that was launched in the early 2000’s to promote the use of real estate attorneys.  The Campaign included television and radio ads illustrating the value of hiring a real estate attorney.  Fund Executive Leadership gave interviews to the media and I even did a few radio interviews myself!  A key element of the Campaign was a process to generate leads and share them with Fund Members – and so the Real Estate Councils were born.  The RECs provided a Florida Bar–approved method for The Fund to refer business to our Members.

These new Real Estate Councils were created for every media broadcast market in the state, from Pensacola to the Florida Keys.  The RECs were invaluable in referring business, but they also came with the responsibility for local Members to organize and lead new organizations.  That model has been very successful in most parts of the state but more difficult in others.

The Fund has supported the Real Estate Councils for over twenty years and over that time, the way we do it has evolved.  The Real Estate Council Relations Manager position was created in 2011 to provide focused support, and in 2014 the statewide REC, Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida, Inc., was created to establish a comprehensive approach to our strategy of promoting the use of real estate attorneys in real estate transactions.  Over time the RECs change and so The Fund’s support of them needs to change too.

Beginning in 2022, The Fund will lighten the administrative load for these smaller RECs by providing direct operational support:

  • Capital Region
  • Emerald Coast
  • Escambia-Santa Rosa
  • North Florida (Gainesville)

Our first event under this new arrangement will be held January 11, 2022 in Gainesville on behalf of the North Florida Association of Real Estate Attorneys (NFAREA).  I look forward to collaborating with representatives from NFAREA and these other RECs to implement programs and networking opportunities that serve the real estate attorneys in their respective areas.