When the website was launched in November 2014, our primary objective was to build awareness among our REC member attorneys so much of the information was focused on you. Now we are turning our attention to our external audiences – primarily real estate agents and consumers. We’ve simplified navigation so each audience can access their segment of the site directly and consolidated the resources they are most interested in so they can easily locate information they care about.

We also want real estate agents and consumers who visit the site to use the Find an Attorney feature so it is essential that your member profile on is complete and accurate. Please be sure to include Areas of Practice and your website in your profile so that visitors to the site can learn more about you and understand if you can provide the services they need. To view your profile click on Member Directory on the home page, search your name and then click on the View icon on the far right of your listing to open your profile. To make a change, select Update Information and fill out the template. Profiles are typically updated within 24-48 hours.