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Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida or “Florida ARECS”, for short, is an association of Florida Real Estate Attorneys. We represent a network of 21 local Real Estate Councils with more than 1,200 members from Key West to Pensacola.

Florida ARECS also provides legal education to hundreds of real estate agents each year through our Law Symposiums, New Realtor® Orientations and ad-hoc seminars.

We are your Partners in Success.

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Florida Realtors® Legal News Feature

  • Scam Involving Sale of Vacant Lots is Back: Don’t Get Fooled Again!

    By Melissa Jay Murphy, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Fund

    Over the last few months, the Florida real estate industry has experienced an ever-increasing volume of sales and mortgages that have been found to be fraudulent.  Most commonly, the property is vacant with no mortgage and often the lot is owned by a seller whose address shows they live in a foreign country.  The fraudster either forges a deed from the true owner to the fraudster, or just holds himself out as the true owner and then lists the property for sale (often on Zillow), for a very attractive price.  A buyer bites, the closing date is set, and if someone does not figure it out, the fraudster gets away with many thousands of dollars and no one knows until it is too late to recover the money.

    In some cases, the fraud has been discovered before closing and the evil-doers were thwarted. 

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  • Cyber Fraud Continues to Strike The Closing Process

    By: Michael Rothman, Senior Manager, Legal Education, Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC

    Read on to learn what real estate agents need to consider. 

    Cyber fraud appears in seemingly endless varieties. Consider these two:

    Scenario #1. Closing agent’s net proceeds wire is fraudulently diverted. Seller directs listing agent to instruct closing agent not to turn over the keys to buyer until seller’s proceeds are confirmed received. Buyer’s lawyer responds that her client has the keys and taken possession. She further demands that closing agent promptly record the deed. Who is in the right?

    Scenario #2: Closing agent’s payoff wire of seller’s mortgage is similarly stolen. However, no one learns of this fraud until weeks later, when seller receives calls from his mortgage company looking for an overdue payment. By then, buyer has long moved into the home and the deed has been recorded. Who will be responsible to pay-off the open mortgage?

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Partner with a Florida Real Estate Attorney

You’ve worked hard to attract more business by delivering the best deal possible to your buyers and sellers. Why not work with a real estate attorney to close that deal and experience the difference?

Partner with a Real Estate Attorney to:

  • Protect your clients from unnecessary risk
  • Protect YOU from unnecessary risk and liability
  • Protect your reputation by providing a professional closing experience
  • Provide your clients one-stop access to additional legal services
  • Ensure successful, legally sound transactions so you can close more deals!

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Realtor®, Mary Day, tells her story. How a Real Estate Attorney resolved a title issue enabling the intense deal to close on time.



Real Estate Council Relations: Forging Stronger Bonds Between Agent & Attorney

Host, Melissa Jay Murphy, and her panel of distinguished guests, Orlando Regional Realtor© Association and Florida ARECS, discuss why and how The Fund is working to build stronger relationships between agents and attorneys.

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Realtor® Education & Resources

Florida ARECS and its local Real Estate Council chapters partner with local Realtor® Associations to host dozens of education events across Florida every year.

Take your knowledge and your business to the next level by attending our seminars and partnering with our knowledgeable Real Estate Attorneys.

“Aligning ourselves with such a credible brand as the Attorneys’ Real Estate Council [of Palm Beach County] adds considerable value to our organization.” - Jessica Wittenbrink, Vice President of Programs for RAPB+GFLR
“Our focus is on making our members successful and one of the ways we accomplish that is through our partnership with Central Florida Real Estate Attorneys’ Council (CFREAC).” - Ashley Wheeler, Vice President of Professional Development Orlando Regional Realtor® Association



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Estimate the amounts needed at closing The closing cost calculator will help you estimate buyer and seller closing costs based on Florida average costs and the most commonly encoutered fees.



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