Our Mission

We believe that attorneys are uniquely qualified to better protect the public in real estate transactions. When we as real estate attorneys, Real Estate Councils and real estate professionals work together, we can better represent and improve outcomes for all involved. We mean it when we say “all involved.” That means all parties in a transaction, real estate agents and lenders – as well as buyers and sellers.

We want to be a conduit to bring together professionals and ideas from across the real estate spectrum to provide education, information and resources to our members as well as consumers, to enhance the practices of real estate attorneys, and to make each real estate experience a successful, positive and rewarding one.



In late 2013 an idea started swirling around Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC (“The Fund”) to create a new statewide Real Estate Council or “REC” to be a central hub and resource to the nineteen local RECs that were operating independently and with limited interaction with each other.

The Fund invited seven leaders from some of the most successful RECs to work with them create a new REC ecosystem that would bring the RECs together to help them accomplish priorities important to the Florida real estate attorney community.

In 2014, the result was Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida, Inc. or “Florida ARECS” for short. We created Florida ARECS not to take the place of the local attorneys’ RECs but to harness the energy and maximize the local talent of the RECs in an effort to create a central bank, if you would, of their ideas and successes for the benefit of all RECs.

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