September - October - Message from the Board

On August 25th and 26th, Florida ARECS hosted a booth at the 2016 Florida Realtors® Convention and Trade Show. The Florida ARECS Board of Directors has worked tirelessly to establish a relationship with Florida Realtors® and our participation in their convention is an extension of that effort. Fourteen volunteers representing Florida ARECS and seven local RECS descended on Orlando to share our message with the more than 3,000 real estate agents attending this year’s event.

Our Board would like to express its thanks and appreciation to these hardworking professionals who took time away from their individual practices to promote the benefits of involving a real estate attorney in real estate transactions to one of our most important audiences:

  • Lynwood Arnold, Jr., ARECS/Capital Region REC
  • Diana Davis Basta, BAREC
  • Jennifer Bondy, CFREAC
  • Gary Davis, BAREC
  • Grace Glavin, CFREAC
  • Michelle Gomez-Hinden, CFREAC
  • Sultana Haque, CFREAC
  • Frederick W. Jones, Florida ARECS
  • Nishad Khan, ARECS/CFREAC
  • Patricia A. Nugent, ARECS/Broward
  • Ira B. Price, ARECS/South Miami-Dade
  • Rene’ Rutan, Florida ARECS/The Fund
  • Charles Sanford, Indian River
  • Jeffrey P. Zane, ARECS/Palm Beach

During the Trade Show, our volunteers had a chance to demonstrate the REC website and highlight its considerable resources. They worked to raise awareness of the RECs by distributing new Contact Cards (postcard-sized business cards for each REC) so that Realtors® could learn more about the REC in their particular area. They also handed out Florida ARECS resources like Real Estate Attorneys: Essential Partners for Real Estate Agents along with the Realtor® Education Library Guide listing education programs available to real estate professionals.

Most importantly they shared their stories. They explained how they helped bring difficult transactions to closing successfully. They highlighted the benefits of having a qualified real estate attorney involved who can solve real problems. And finally, they advised the attendees that they should build a solid working relationship with a real estate attorney in their area; someone who can close their deals, issue title insurance, provide legal advice and be available to help them when they or their deals run into trouble.

If your REC would like more information how you can get involved in more Realtor® events contact the REC Relations Manager Rene’ Rutan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..