Latest REC News - September

North Dade & the Beaches Real Estate Council Sets the Standard in Community Service

By Rose Brill, Esq.

“Let us welcome our guests,” resounded a bubbly teacher as a handful of members of the North Dade and The Beaches Real Estate Council (REC) entered a packed auditorium full of wide-eyed youths ages 6-12 in North Miami’s William Jennings Bryan Elementary School early Tuesday morning, August 28, 2018. The REC members and affiliated volunteers were there to conduct their annual back pack giveaway, an annual charity started by Scott Jay, the late husband of Marita Jay, and continued by her and the REC members until this day.

One by one, the bright pink and purple back packs were handed to each girl, and the darker colored blue and grey back packs to each boy. After the children recited their education pledge, the principal took the microphone to ask the children how to achieve success. “Edu--,” she started, “--cation!,” the students exclaimed. One of the teachers then took back the microphone to conclude, “Oh, how sweet the melody of children’s laughter.” After collecting back packs and school supplies for at least a few months, it was a beautiful ending to a widely anticipated annual event.

The North Dade and the Beaches REC hopes other chapters adopt an annual charity similar to this one or otherwise engage this directly with members of their own local communities.

backpack giveaway 1

backpack giveaway 2