Resource Feature - January

New! Realtor® Orientation Legal & Regulatory Overview

Florida ARECS offers a variety of resources to assist REC members in engaging real estate agents in their areas. So we are pleased to offer a new option that has recently been added to the Realtor® Education Library – New Realtor® Orientation Legal & Regulatory Overview.

Since the end of the recession, Florida has added on average over 25,000 new real estate agents each year. So more than 2,000 newly licensed Florida real estate agents attend orientation programs presented by their local boards each month and they present an excellent opportunity for REC members to educate them and introduce them to the value of partnering with a real estate attorney.

The New Realtor® Orientation Legal & Regulatory Overview is intended to fill a segment of a local board’s orientation program. It is approximately 35-45 minutes long and provides a quick review of the key legal and regulatory issues that new real estate agents should become familiar with including, RESPA, TRID, FIRPTA, FinCen and the Fair Housing Act. You can also use this resource in a lunch and learn or other similar events. The content is based on a program that the Attorneys’ Real Estate Council of Palm Beach County has been presenting to the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches for years.
If you are interested in using the New Realtor® Orientation Legal & Regulatory Overview, contact Rene’ Rutan, the Real Estate Council Relations Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For a complete list of available programs see the Florida ARECS Realtor Education Library Guide.