Message from the Board - January

What is it about the passing of year that makes us reflect? Outwardly, our little blue planet takes its trip around the sun and yet that vast journey inspires us to look inward at our own journey. Earth’s progress is easy to measure in days, months and years but measuring our own evolution can be a bit more subjective. The FLARECS Board of Directors took a look at our accomplishments over the last year and here is what we found.
Leadership development was a significant focus in 2017 given that over 60 new board members joined Real Estate Council boards across the state. We are grateful for their commitment to the RECs and want to do all we can to ensure their success! In May we hosted a Leadership Forum preceding the start of Fund Assembly. Florida ARECS President Frederick W. Jones and ARECS Director Patricia Nugent updated REC leaders on key strategies and objectives while REC Relations Manager, Rene’ Rutan provided an in-depth demonstration of FLARECS.COM, the Florida ARECS website serving all twenty-one RECs. Attendees also received the newly published Florida ARECS Leadership Guide, which outlines everything any REC leader might want to know about successfully running their REC.

In the summer our focus turned outward as we worked to raise awareness of the value of involving a real estate attorney in real estate transactions among real estate agents. In August, Florida ARECS secured a tradeshow booth at the Florida Realtors® Convention, an event that reaches over 4,000 Florida real estate agents.

We opened the booth up to local REC volunteers who had the chance to promote attorneys and their own practices with a lively audience of real estate agents. Later in the year, Florida ARECS worked with the following local RECs to support their REC/Realtor® events, through which we reached another 800 Realtors®!
One of the biggest accomplishments in our Realtor® relations efforts was the opportunity created when the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches merged with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors® becoming the third largest Realtor® board in the country.
We previously reported they had 25,000 members but we stand corrected; they actually have 35,000 members! Florida ARECS will continue to work with the RECs in Palm Beach and Broward to provide education and share our message of the value of a real estate attorney with RAPB+GFLR and their vast membership.
2017 also saw the introduction of two new RECs. The Polk Area Real Estate Council and the Real Estate Attorneys’ Council of the Heartland are moving forward with excellent leadership and providing REC benefits to attorneys in their respective areas. The Florida ARECS Board of Directors would like to congratulate them for a great first year!
We would also like to acknowledge the great work of many of those new local REC board members we referred to earlier who are breathing new energy and ideas into their organizations. Escambia-Santa Rosa, Jacksonville Area, Southwest Florida & the Real Property Council of Volusia County are all thriving under their leadership. 
We look forward to a great 2018!