Resource: The Leadership Guide

Florida ARECS has worked with various local RECs to recruit over sixty new directors in a year and that got us thinking. How are all the new leaders, and the other leaders who are getting involved in RECs every day, supposed to learn the ropes? For that matter, how are established leaders supposed to find out about all of the tools and resources that Florida ARECS has made available to them?

Answer: The Florida ARECS Leadership Guide

The Leadership Guide, released in May, is the go-to reference for anyone involved in managing a real estate council and provides information on just about anything you have ever wanted to know to make leading your organization easier.

Contact Information: The new Guide provides contact information for members of the Florida ARECS Board of Directors as well as leaders and service areas for every local REC

The Entity: For those new to the world of RECs or those reviewing their RECs, the Leadership Guide offers information on how most of the local RECs are structured, including Sample By-Laws that you are welcome to use.

Taxes: Make sure your REC is handling its tax obligations correctly by reviewing the REC Tax Flowchart prepared by Florida ARECS’ certified public accountant.

Governance Structure: We have the opportunity to work with those reviewing their REC’s structure, so we get to see what works and what doesn’t. So the Guide includes a few tips we’ve learned along the way.

Leadership & Membership Development: Every organization needs leadership that evolves and membership that grows. Learn strategies from other RECs around the state to ensure your REC stays strong.

The Florida ARECS Leadership Guide includes other helpful information, including suggestions for speakers, programs and sample documents like a New Member Welcome Letter, Renewal Letter and Membership Drive Letter.

If you would like a copy of the Florida ARECS Leadership Guide for you and all the members of your REC’s leaders, contact Rene’ Rutan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..