July & August - Message from the Board

On July 4th, America celebrated her 241st birthday. It’s hard to imagine that a small group of motivated people were able to pull together the leaders of thirteen colonies (without Facebook or Twitter!) and declare independence from what was then the most powerful country in the world. These were people who shared a vision and rose to the challenge of their day and it is a lesson for all of us to consider. While most of us may not be able to create a new country or a new form of government we can inspire change in small ways.

Three years ago, a dozen people sat around a boardroom table at The Fund’s headquarters in Orlando and put the finishing touches on a new organization they believed could impact the success of Florida’s real estate attorneys. Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida, Inc. or “Florida ARECS” codified a partnership between The Fund and its members and provides a mechanism through which we can work together to promote the involvement of real estate attorneys in real estate transactions.

Just 4 out of 10 Florida real estate transactions are closed by a real estate attorney. That fact troubles us and should trouble you. Each of us could look at this from a personal perspective and be concerned about the future of our practices but it goes beyond that. It means that 6 out of 10 consumers go to closing without anyone looking out for their best interest. There’s no one at the table to read the survey and to explain to the buyer that the beautiful pool deck they love is on top of a utility easement and may have to be removed. There’s no one there to explain to the seller that the probate issue that brought the closing to a halt is easily fixable. There’s no one there to counsel a borrower that the loan they’re taking out may cost them in the future – and that there are better, more affordable options. Each of you could list dozens of examples where you represented a client and helped them avoid a costly problem – not by breaking up the deal but by resolving the problems. That’s what real estate attorneys do. Solve problems.

We know that but others involved in real estate transactions don’t and that is the role of Florida ARECS. We are a voice for Florida real estate attorneys and all of us on the Board of Directors are constantly looking for opportunities to tell your story. One such opportunity will be at the 2017 Florida Realtors® Convention and Trade Show on August 16th and 17th at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando. We have reserved a trade show booth and invited REC members across the state to participate. Our thanks to all the volunteers! We will also be involved in other networking activities during the Convention to share our message with this very important constituency. Contact the REC Relations Manager for assistance if you would like help networking with real estate agents in your area.

Get to know the Florida ARECS Board of Directors by visiting us at flarecs.com/leadership