May & June - Message from the Board

On May 11th The Florida ARECS Board of Directors hosted its annual REC Leadership Forum preceding the start of Fund Assembly in Orlando. More than forty leaders representing eighteen local real estate councils gathered to network with each other, share ideas and experiences. They were joined by members of The Fund’s executive leadership including Melissa Murphy, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel and Melissa Scaletta, Vice President and Chief Underwriting Counsel.

Florida ARECS President Fred Jones welcomed attendees and updated on them on notable REC accomplishments of the last year, including the formation of two new RECs in Highlands and Polk counties. Patricia Nugent, Florida ARECS Director from Fort Lauderdale, discussed ARECS’ 2017 Strategic Priorities which are:

  • Provide REC Members Opportunities to Develop Knowledge and Professionalism
  • Promote Realtor/Attorney Relationships
  • Enhance Interaction with Key Industry Organizations
  • Enhance Brand & Messaging to Better Reach External Audiences
  • Raise REC Member Awareness of Availability of Resources
  • Provide Tools to Make REC Management Easier
  • Increase Direct Outreach to Consumers

The Leadership Forum program focused on Raise REC Member Awareness of Availability of Resources. The Fund’s REC Relations Manager, Rene’ Rutan, provided an in-depth demonstration of and a selection of the many resources available to RECs and their members including, marketing resources and the Realtor® Education Library. She also introduced a brand new resource for REC Leaders - the Florida ARECS Leadership Guide. This new publication is the go-to reference for anyone involved in managing a real estate council and provides information on just about anything you have ever wanted to know to make leading your organization easier. If you were not able to attend the REC Leadership Forum but would like a copy of the Florida ARECS Leadership Guide, please contact the REC Relations Manager.

Lastly, Florida ARECS announced that it and its media partners are developing a new technology solution to help RECs manage membership and other key operational functions. Stay tuned for more details this fall!