If you have been a Fund member for more than 10 years you likely remember the Consumer Education Campaign sponsored by The Fund to promote the use of real estate attorneys on radio and television.

Well those Real Estate Stories are as valid today as they were when they originally ran - and the videos are available for your use. Would you like to add videos to your firm website or social media pages? Just visit the Resource Center on Florida ARECS consolidated REC website and select from:

Mary Stuart Day
A Florida Real Estate Agent explains why she uses an attorney and why others should as well.

The Palma Family's Story
The Palmas did not have a real estate attorney represent them at closing when the seller informed them he was not going to move out.

Debbie Lanning's Story
Debbie did not have an attorney at closing and no one explained that her payments did not include escrows for taxes and insurance and that her true costs were much more than disclosed.

Tommy Bryant's Story
Tommy tells his story and explains why everyone needs “an ally” in a real estate transaction.

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