FLARECS Resources

If you have spent any time on Florida ARECS consolidated REC website www.flarecs.com you have undoubtedly discovered it is full of useful tools and resources for the real estate practitioner. This month we would like to focus your attention on our Guides and Publications located in the Resource Center. There you will find over a dozen publications to assist you in staying on top of legal issues as well as communicating those issues to real estate agents and consumers. Here are a few highlights:

Tips on Buying a Home in Florida and Tips on Selling a Home in Florida
Marshall C. Deason, Jr., Tampa Bay Business Law
Member of Bay Area Real Estate Council

These two guides were written for the consumer. They explain what both buyers and sellers and can expect to experience as they go through the real estate closing process. The Tips booklets are an excellent tool to share with your consumer clients or to provide to real estate agents so they can provide them to their buyers and sellers.

Residential Inspections & Repairs: Procedures & Pitfalls
Jeffrey A. Grebe, Williams Parker Harrison Dietz & Getzen
Member of Sarasota-Bradenton Real Estate Council

Inspections and repairs in residential real estate transactions can be a major source of disputes between buyers and sellers. Many of these disputes arise simply because the parties do not fully understand or follow the inspection and repair procedures under the standard residential contract. Residential Inspections & Repairs: Procedures and Pitfalls is a great tool for real estate attorneys and also makes an excellent handout for presentations to real estate agents.

Why You Should Involve a Real Estate Attorney in Your Closing

Are you looking for a simple marketing piece to explain the value of engaging a real estate attorney in a real estate transaction? Look no further than this two-sided, to-the-point handout for consumers. It highlights many of the most important reasons for working with a real estate attorney.

All of the Guides and Publications in the Resource Center are available digitally by simply downloading them to your PC. You can also order printed copies for a nominal fee. Here is a link to the order form.