Unlicensed Practice of Law

By: Michael J. Posner, Esq., is a partner in Ward, Damon, Posner, Peterson & Bleau

Realtors and Community Association Managers provide valuable real estate services to sellers and buyers of real estate, as well as managing homeowners and condominium associations respectively.

La razón cual todos los compradores de fincas raíces necesita consultar con un abogado especialista en bienes raíces en el cierre

De: Alexander G. Cubas, Esq., Alexander G. Cubas, P.A.

Discusión de Victoria Moreno vs. First International Title, 176 So.3d 301

Why every buyer needs a real estate attorney in any real estate closing

By: Ira B. Price, Esq., Ira B. Price, P.A. & Legal Title Services, Inc.

Discussion of Victoria Moreno vs. First International Title, 176 So.3d 301

CDDs: Confusing Development Dollars

By: Rene’ Rutan, Real Estate Council Relations Manager, Florida ARECS

If you have been shopping for a new home recently, as I have, you have undoubtedly discovered the Community Development District, or CDD. Many large, multi-phase communities with lifestyle amenities are now relying on this method of funding development, so it is essential that homebuyers and the real estate agents serving them have a full understanding of what CDDs are and how they work.

Foreign Buying Flipside

FIRPTA CHANGES – How much are you really making on your U.S. real property investments?

By: Sarah Gulati, Esq.

Prior to the PATH Act of 2015 (“Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes 2015”, effective 12/18/2015), if the seller of real property is a foreign person, Federal law required buyers to withhold 10% of the gross sale price and provide it to the IRS. With the implementation of the PATH Act, this 10% tax requirement has been altered.

What is Title Insurance?

By: Rene’ Rutan, Real Estate Council Relations Manager, Florida ARECS

Title insurance is a mystery to most consumers and it really shouldn’t be. Confusion can often occur because lenders require title insurance to be purchased in order to obtain a mortgage, but it is not offered through your normal insurance agent where you purchase your homeowner’s or automobile policy.

Your Email is Being Watched = Your Clients Victimized: The Hack Story

By: Richard Zaretsky, Esq., Richard P/ Zaretsky P.A. Attorneys at Law

There are people out there that are looking for your email address but they are neither buyers nor sellers. Their goal is for YOU to help them steal money from YOUR client. They are thieves, crooks, scoundrels, terrorists, and intentioned with the worst of motives. Why do I know about this - I just saw it happen!!

And The Survey Says: Who Pays for Title Insurance by County?

By: Connie Clark, Fund Sr. Underwriting Counsel

The party who customarily pays the owner’s title insurance policy premium in a residential transaction in Florida varies by county. In at least one county, who pays the premium depends on where the property is located within the county.

(In)Famous Houses

By: Michael J Posner

In a previous column I mentioned the story of the Amityville, New York house, the scene of a gruesome family murder that was sold, led to claimed paranormal activity, movies, books and more sequels, all detailing the house’s sordid past and its alleged possession.

Real Estate in the Movies

By: Michael J Posner

With the Maltz Theater bringing back Glengarry Glen Ross, I thought this would be a good time to look at how various real estate issues are portrayed in cinema. From bad salesmen, bad spouses, and bad ghosts, real estate has been a good issue as a backdrop to explore the relationship between individuals, from greed, envy and fear.

Material Alteration of the Common Elements

Owners Don’t Always Have a Right of Approval

Section 718.112(2) of the Florida Condominium Act provides as follows: “Except as otherwise provided in this Section, there shall be no material alteration or substantial addition to the common elements … except in the manner provided in the Declaration.”

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