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Live Presentations

Stopping Cyber Fraud

$3 Billion has been lost since 2015 due to Business Email Compromise. This 45 minute program highlights cyber criminals’ growing focus on the real estate settlement industry and why attorneys, real estate agents, buyers and sellers are so vulnerable. You will learn the latest techniques hackers use to try to gain access to your systems and best practices for preventing them from succeeding.

Understanding and Using the FR/BAR Residential Contract

This 3-hour FREC-accredited program provides a comprehensive review of the contract at the heart of what licensees do every day. We will explain the implications of various clauses and how to properly complete the form.

The New CFPB Closing Disclosure

This 1-hour program instructs real estate agents on the CFPB’s new Closing Disclosure rule and its impact on licensees. We will cover the rule, the process and examine the new form in detail.

The Originator: Private and Seller Financing After Dodd-Frank

This 1-hour program specifically addresses the CFPB’s new Loan Originator rule and its impact on seller and third-party financing in real estate transactions.

Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)

This 1-hour program explains what real estate agents need to know when working with foreign sellers and buyers to avoid liability and running afoul of the IRS.

Ready-to-Use Library

What is Title Insurance and How Does it Protect Your Client

This 1-hour program explains the details of title insurance so real estate agents can be prepared to fully explain it to their clients. We discuss how to read the title commitment, as well as what title insurance covers and does not cover.

Residential Inspections & Repairs: Procedures & Pitfalls

Inspections and repairs in residential real estate transactions can be a major source of disputes between buyers and sellers. Many of these disputes arise simply because the parties do not understand or follow the inspection and repair procedures under the standard residential contract. This 1-hour program authored by Jeffrey A. Grebe, Esq. is paperbased so no audio visual equipment or PowerPoint experience is required.

Red Flags: How to Identify and Resolve Obstacles to Closing Early

This 45-minute program teaches real estate agents how to recognize issues that may adversely affect the parties’ ability to close on time. We provide attendees with tools they can incorporate into their process to ensure their deals close on time.