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Message from the Board

Please let me be the first to welcome you to the brand new home of Florida ARECS and our website, www.flarecs.com. The creation of this site and Florida ARECS itself, over the last couple of years, has been a labor of love for and commitment to the real estate practice of Florida Attorneys. We began with a small group of attorneys from around the state who, as leaders of their local Real Estate Councils ("RECs"), had demonstrated their commitment to our goal.

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Upcoming Events:
1/13 - North Dade & Beaches / South Dade - Joint Member Seminar & Cocktail Reception
1/13 - First Coast - Leadership Luncheon
1/14 - North Florida - Membership Meeting
2/10 - South Dade - Membership Meeting
2/10 - North Dade - Membership Meeting
2/11 - North Florida - Membership Meeting
2/11 - Central Florida - Membership Meeting
2/15 - Martin County - Membership Meeting
2/17 - Bay Area - Annual Economic Outlook Luncheon
2/23 - Indian River - Membership Meeting
2/24 - Bay Area & Sarasota-Bradenton - Meeting Reception
2/24 - Palm Beach - Membership Meeting
2/24 - Florida ARECS - Board Meeting

Latest REC News

Florida ARECS and Florida Realtors® - Working Together
Florida ARECS was created to support and promote real estate attorneys and we are constantly seeking opportunities to share our message. So we are pleased to announce that members of our Board of Directors recently introduced Florida ARECS to the leaders of Florida Realtors® and they have in-turn introduced us to their local chapters.

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The Closing Cost Calculator

Do you receive constant requests from clients, lenders and Realtors® for an estimate of closing costs? If so, take advantage of our Closing Cost Calculator on flarecs.com. Don't go to go to the time and expense to build your own when you can simply add a link to our Closing Cost Calculator to your own firm or title company website.

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Tips from Florida ARECS

Tip #1:
Making the Most of REC Membership

We encourage you to review your member profile. It is the simplest thing you can do to ensure your REC membership contributes to building your practice. If you would like to make changes to your profile go to flarecs.com/update-member-information and complete the template.


Tip #2:
Finding Speakers

Does your REC struggle to identify new and interesting speakers for each meeting? Why not check the flarecs.com calendar regularly to see what other RECS are doing? Each event includes the name of someone you can contact with questions.

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